Flexible Broadband Services

Wireless Security

Initial Setup

Once the access point was in and working I decided to try and maintain security by using a number of the access points inbuilt security. Firstly, I took the measure of noting down the MAC address of all the cards that would be accessing the point. I then set in the filter rules screen to only allow these clients to access the point. This offers some level of security however as most of the wireless card out there enable you to change the MAC address its still possible to spoof the clients Mac address.

The next step was to turn on WEP encryption. This is a weak way to protect a network but it does encrypt all the wireless traffic making it more difficult to get on. I used an online generator to make a 128bit key.

As this link was a bridge and few clients will connect I also turned off SSID broadcast, so the network wont be automatically detected by computers.

All of these steps are far from foolproof but they should make it a non-trivial exercise to hack the network. I just didn't want to be the lowest hanging fruit.

Future Steps

Recently I have read Maximum security wireless and have realised even though the step I have taken create some level of security to really secure up the point a better method would be to secure the access point would be to use WPA or even radius. So the next step would be to implement that, when I do Ill make sure and tell you guys!