Flexible Broadband Services

Installing the Antenna

Now that we had a good idea that things would work both in theory and with some real world testing the next step was to install the access point and antenna.

Antenna Installation

In order to get the best signal the antenna was mounted under the eves of my house directly pointing and on the same plain as the Window of Nick house which the computer would sit in. The best mounting point for line of sight and protection from the elements seemed to be under the eve of my house.

Picture of Antenna Mount

Next step was to mount the antenna on the eve, this was one of the easier taks, requiring a cordless drill and a ladder.

Picture of Antenna Mount with antenna in place

Once the antenna was mounted, the next step was to get the antenna cabling into the house. The cabling consisted of the antenna coax lead, the lightning suppressor earth wire. The earth wire is pretty useless as we only earthed it to the pipework, but to be honest we don't get very much lighting in Woodford and the TV antenna on the roof is higher and much more of a target. Really, the earth lead is nothing more than a way to earth any static on the cables. The loft space is small and several feet higher than the bottom corner of the eves. We tacked the cables onto the eves running up towards one of the major beams protruding from the loft. The aim was to drill through the soft mortar next to the beam rather than through the brick (which is solid). Unfortunately Nick didn't have a very long drill bit and we didn't know exactly where the beam came out, so we decided to drill out from the inside of the loft.