Flexible Broadband Services

Initial Testing

In order to test the equipment before properly installing it (ie drilling holes throw walls etc) we decided to see I we could pick up the signal from Nick's house. Below is a picture of a signal strength graph showing the signal strengh in my house.

Laptop Showing Signal Strength Signal strength graph generated by netstumbler
Bruce looking shaky image Bruce looking Menacing

I got two other friends to help me, Phil plugged in and held the antenna out of the window of my house about level with where we intended to place it. Then Bruce and I walked to Nick's house. Bruce was carrying a laptop with a Dell 802.11b network card. I had my Sharp Zaurus PDA complete with a Linksys 802.11b card and Kismet.

Apart from stopping traffic (people thought that we were a speed trap), it was quite funny really Bruce holding a big black laptop above his head. We found that with the antenna pointed at Nick house the signal would drop away sharply as we walked away from my house. As we turned the corner though and started to get near to Nicks house it began to pick up once again. According to the software on Bruce's Laptop the Signal strength at Nick's house was 50% that at my house, the quality remained roughly the same, this was very encouraging as it suggested the link would be strong enough.