Flexible Broadband Services

Broadband Woodford

Why do we need a wireless link in Woodford? Apart from the joy in such a technical challenge, I live on a part of Woodford which can just about recieve adsl (the rate adaptive version radsl). Half a mile down the road where my friend lives is out of range for radsl. Lets face it in this day and age analoge modems just don't cut the mustard. So I had a great idea to give his internet access a boost with a wireless link between out houses.

Now this came on the back of a slew of articals on slashdot about extending the range of wireless beyond the standard 400 meters someone managed to get serveral miles out of 802.11b, and me being a geek I felt I had to try myself. Unfortunatly neither my parents nor nicks would accept dishes or pringles cans on the side of their houses so I had to buy the kit. Fortunatly for me the price has come down to a pretty affordable level especially for the access points which for an 802.11g point costs less then £70.