System to facilitate the mapping and visualisation of glaciers using of GPS data

In order to help complete my Umist main project I have decided to put a work in progress onto my website.

Project files

Weekending Work Done Notes
  • Fixed heightmap display.
  • Added keyresses to rotate zoom and pan the image.
  • Fixed a bug when displaying two or more visualisations in one session.
  • Added some tool tip messages to improve usability.
  • Added Validation routines to stop the system displaying empty datasets
The error with the display was due to the incorrect use of varible type integer to hold colour values. Image now displays better or in wireframe
  • Woked out the methods for using a hieghtmap.
  • Altered the code for heightmaps.
  • Fixed a bug importing data.
The heightmaps method produces a much better visualisation there is still an error with the output though aking it difficult to see the object correctly
  • Found A better Method for visualisation.
  • Added percentge bars to the import so you know its working.
  • Added the ability to manage surveys.
  • Fixed the camera angle so old visualisation now displays.
Due to the nature of the data (its clumped in places sparse in others) I have decided a better way to visualise would be to use a grid format. I had seen teh height map method beofre but an artical in geocomputation from an auther experimenting creating surface using fortran and splines drove me to this conclusion
  • Got a GL window to appear
  • Data can now be injected into the survey
  • Failed to get the data to display though :-(
I think im doing somethign wrong with the camera angle all I get from the display is a red blob rather than a lot of triangles. I think they are being displayed and the viewpoint is set too far out, but when I move it forward everything disapears. Perhaps because the camera passes through the visualisation object.
  • Fully Switch to visual basic
  • Wrote the CSV import routine
  • Added the ability to connect to a database
Im on the right track but behind schedual I need to do some sort of visualisation soon, the tutorials from NEHE are helping but Im still stuck.
  • Met A Conroy, discussed switching to visual basic
  • Arranged To meet Postgrade student to get help with project
Pros and cons of visual basic versus C++
  • Basic C++ Code
  • Arranged To meet Postgrade student to get help with project
C++ code can be found Here
  • This webiste to help mangage my project

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