Pictures from OZ

Firstly thanks to Ian and Faye for Inviting me and to Paul and Lisa for the excellent welcome and hospitality whilst we were over there, cheers guys.


It was a long long flight to OZ going through Japan meant it was 13 hours followed by at least 11 hours unfortunately due to fog in Sydney after travelling for 10 and a bit and being withing a hairs breadth of Sydney we were diverted to the Goldcoast where we had to get a domestic flight back. One day wasted the evening was the chance to catch up with Paul and Wooler and to meet Lisa Paul's Girlfriend. Check out the photos here

Tasty Treat

The next Photo set is from the night Paul's Dad took us all out to a rather nice restaurant in "The Rocks" area of Sydney, the Mussels were excellent then we went to the Pub, catch the photos here


We went for a day trip to visit Mat a friend of Ian and Fayes. He had a surf board and was good enough to *try* and show Ian how to do it. Whilst Dan Woller Paul and Myself Chilled out on the beach. Photos Here

Bizarre restaurant

For some bizarre reason in Australia the bars can open pretty much anytime except that is on public holidays :-S So what do bunch of travellers and their new friend do to get a beer? Well in every law there is a loophole and the to this one the answer was go to back street restaurant don't bother ordering food just get lots of wine and beer hurrah! Now add to the mix a drunken Danny meeting a restaurant owner who is a Manchester City supporter oh boy! Check out the pictures here

Journey to Melbourne

A small photo set taken on the journey to Melbourne, never thought we would make it a whole morning arguing over the trip the dash to the plain to find out that Sydney to Melbourne is an international flight FFS! Many thanks to the staff at the Quantas Sydney Check in staff who got us on a domestic flight to Melbourne. Pics.

Night out in Melbourne

Melbourne what an excellent night out Ian took us round his old stomping ground, we went to many bars none of which I remember by name. If you know feel feel to tell me and I'll put them on. In fact If anyone wants to have anything about the trip up here text / phone / email / send a carrier pidgin and I'll get it up. Pictures here

Back In Sydney

After a great time in Melbourne we are back in Sydney and ready to get out, especially when Ian Irons and gets hold of Paul's Guitar

Night Out

The problem of putting up photos after the fact is that even in a memorable holiday like this the minds starts to lose focus quickly. I remember going out remember dancing and sitting in a booth but the name of the club and the exact sequence of events escapes me, enough about my Swiss Cheese brain here are the pictures.

Manly again

Here is a photo set of us in Manly again (mostly sat on the stairs down to the beach) the weather had taken a turn for the worse. Also some shots of us eating in various places including Lisa's restaurant

Day at Toronga Zoo

After a lot of hard partying and a general lack of cohesion in the group we decided it was time to do something nice and wholesome, so we went for a trip to the zoo. Check out the photos here

Last Night

The flight left at 8 in the morning, so clearly we have to party! We were invited to Anthony's house a one time member of Paul's group (as seen in the last OZ pictures) its was a good but emotional party and here are the pics.


Danny's Joke

We all know Danny loves a joke well on our first night in OZ he had a corker, my camera was playing up so I couldn't record the whole things as one I hope it dosn't spoil your viewing.

After making a fool of himself several times both in OZ and before we left Danny decided to have a night off drinking here is his promise not to drink, bet you never though he would say this or indeed this.