Acer Travelmate 4000 with SuSE 10




Intel® Pentium® M 1.4GHz



60GB Ultra ATA/100


Worked DMA 100



ohne 3D Beschleunigung getestet, mit neuen Treibern für Xorg 6.8 auch mit 3D Beschleunigung hervorragend. Auch VGA-Ausgang

CDRW/DVD±RW Dual Brenner


Worked DMA 33

AC'97 Audio



Acer Incorporated [ALI] 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Modem Controller


Acer Incorporated [ALI] BCM4401 100Base-T (Broadcom BCM4401)


Autodetected and worked

Integriertes Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG (802.11b/g); Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™














Fixed in 10.2 see note below


There are two possible graphic cards which could appear in this laptop my particular one has an Intel "extream" chipset. I think the only extream thing about it is that it is so extreamly poor. However the intel card is supported under linux and detected by Yast. I did encounter a problem with the resolution though, the native panel resolution is 1280x800 widescreen unfortunatly the driver does not understand this resolution so I needed to do a little bit of hacking to get it working.

First I used a program called 855resolution to send the correct resolution to the card by the following, firslty gt a list of the resolutions supported

/usr/sbin/855resolution -l
This showed a list of resolutions of which 1280x800 was not one, so I ran
/usr/sbin/855resolution 3c 1280 800

Relisting the resolutions again now showed 1280*1024.

Mode 3c : 1280x768, 8 bits/pixel
Mode 4c : 1280x768, 16 bits/pixel
Mode 5c : 1280x768, 32 bits/pixel

This command dosnt survive a reboot so I added it so I added the line to by running (as root)

echo /usr/local/855resolution/855resolution 3c 1280 800 > /etc/rc.d/boot.local

which should be run on each boot

Battery / Power Status

Powermanagement is fixed in 10.2 of SuSE, I only had to add MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT="sbs battery ac" to the file "/etc/sysconfig/kernel".

I counldn't get power management to see the battery status apparently its due to the use of "smart batteries" by Acer. There seem to be a few articals about how to get it working but I really didnt feel like going to the trouble given I virutally always use the laptop teathered to the mains. If anyone does find an answer please email me!


Worked striaght away with autodetection from Yast


Both the broadcomm 10/100 ethernet card and intel wirless card work without any special tweaking (though for some reasons the wireless kept starting in kill mode and I had to find a way to map the keys on the front of the laptop see keys).


The laptop has a series of special keys including the wireless kill switch I did some digging on google and found a practial solution. This fixed the kill switch I didnt bother with the launch keys for web email and the like because franky I dont use these under windows. If you want to try save hotkeys.txt as /usr/local/ and run

echo /usr/local/ > /etc/rc.d/boot.local